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smartPLAY - the innovative board game system, where the Smartphone camera detects all moves in the game and reacts intelligently with voice, sounds and music.

As a digital Director, it conveys all the rules and game situations which are created by a random generator so every game is different. It also adapts to the age and ability of the players by changing the playing time and the degree of difficulty. The first board game system, which always thinks and thus creates a completely new game experience!

Simply download the free app, place the Smartphone in the Ravensburger smartPLAY tripod and start playing.

And thanks to smartPLAY, you can now experience a real TV studio atmosphere!

Bob the Moderator will lead you through the game and provide you with a wide range of tasks: you must guess, estimate, or just be fast! Ten quiz game types offer over 2,000 questions.

And the twist: There are tasks and issues for each age group. Here, children and teens have a fair chance in the game with adults!

The smartPLAY app explains the quiz, asks the questions and manages the points.

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