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Become fully immersed with Botsnew VR

Cutting edge Gesture Recognition for Mobile VR

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Lego, meet iPhone:

'Life of George' uses iOS to judge buildings skills

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Master the High Seas with PLAYMOBIL Kaboom!

An amazing Toys-To-Life experience from PLAYMOBIL, shooting virtual targets with real physical cannons!

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Get Sucked Into The Game!

Sick Bricks infuses incredible optical beaming technology, top-tier quality gameplay, and collectible toys

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“The concept of achieving this by software is well-known and has already been done by various technology companies; however, the specific Eye Cue system offers cost and quality advantages that other companies cannot offer.” Hasbro


“Special thanks to EyeCue for the awesome brick recognition software." LEGO

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“I can tell you, that as of now, based on GP recommendation you are 'the only' vendor, not just 'preferred'” Fisher-Price

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“EyeCue is focused on developing low-cost vision Recognition for toy and game applications. This is the key differentiator for EyeCue, enabling sub-hundred dollar products to have vision recognition."Disney consumer products

Our Work Truly Interactive

Why choose EyeCue Looking to add exceptional vision recognition capabilities to your products?

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