King Arthur

smartPLAY - the innovative board game system, where the Smartphone camera detects all moves in the game and reacts intelligently with voice, sounds and music.

As a digital Director, it conveys all the rules and game situations which are created by a random generator so every game is different. It also adapts to the age and ability of the players by changing the playing time and the degree of difficulty. The first board game system, which always thinks and thus creates a completely new game experience!

Simply download the free app, place the Smartphone in the Ravensburger smartPLAY tripod and start playing.

In the adventure game King Arthur players are Knights in the medieval England and they experience adventure in different places. You compete with other Knights, help those in need and collect valuable items of equipment. He who has acquired a suit of armor, a horse, a lance and chivalry and is experienced enough can try to remove King Arthur's sword from the stone. He who manages this first WINS and is the new King of England!

The smartPLAY app explains the game, takes over as the game Director and management of the point. Wonderful voice recordings also immerse players in an atmospheric and exciting adventures of Knights.

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