Products & technology


Technology has changed the way children play and learn and EyeCue’s vision recognition technology raises the bar, allowing near-human interactions.

Current technologies are based on complex and expensive hardware – 3D cameras, motion-based controllers – or on limited, low-level motion-detection techniques. EyeCue’s solutions are software-based, inexpensive to incorporate and enable a truly interactive experience for children in unconstrained environments.

EyeCue offers the first and only low-cost vision recognition platform in the world for toys. It efficiently implements computer vision using the least expensive camera sensors available, and even works well on low-powered computing platforms, including ARM7 (96MHz) and Flash/ActionScript. Such cost-sensitive technology results in a high-level consumer experience at a low price point. In fact, we have successfully implemented our technologies on the toy industry’s preferred embedded platforms. Our technology can detect and recognize almost any object, image and figure.

Utilizing sophisticated image and video algorithms, our technologies allow the real-time recognition of all things visual.